Chopping Wood, or Whatever is in Front of Me!

I would not want to go to camp where the counselors told me my bunk house was like the Bates Motel. Who knows, maybe the campers are too young to know about the Bates place? That is about as far as Ol’ Jack got thinking about his new cabin, or tent, or whatever.  Hatchet Jack has work to do!

Yesterday , thanks to @leelzebub there was great inspiration to “make place” and it was clear that the process of creating a home is a necessary part of the camping experience. All camps have place and it is essential we create ours.  Today there was even more inspiration from @scottlo and it shows the rich physical diversity of the camp itself. What a wondrous camp thinks Hatchet Jack!

Having been absent from the great GIF I decided that I should practice before the campers arrive. And that it would only be fitting to practice on work about place and our Magic Macguffin cabins, or RVs, or whatever we find. So for @scottlo I give him blinking stars and a warm crackling fire. With love, Hatchet Jack.

9 thoughts on “Chopping Wood, or Whatever is in Front of Me!

  1. Gosh, I’m so glad to have inspired work! I love this GIF! Will Hatchet Jack soon be sharing what his campsite looks like too? (also, i may have commented twice! yikes!)

  2. I love your animate GIFt. The blazing fire and twinkling stars remind one of stories of hunting for bear in the snowy wilds.

    • That image was lifted from the CafePress page of Camp’s website. The image was uploaded to Second Life and used as a texture on the surface of a prim which was then placed along side the RV.

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