By the Banks of Lake Macguffin

Ol’ Hatchet Jack is busy getting ready for the campers. This morning I went out to Lake Macguffin to see if I might find a spot for a tent or secret cabin for them little campers. I know they are building some fancy new camper cabins, but we are going to need secret hideaways and forts!

There seemed to be an inordinate amount of trash around the lake. Perhaps when it was drained some varmits brought stuff what was at the bottom, back to the shores? Anyway, I know it was a camp before these new folks purchased it.

Here is some video I shot lake side this morning.

I also added my two cents, or a hatchet in this case, to our pack bag that one of the camp directors shared with us. You should add your ideas too! Camp Director Alan shared some nice views of  Lake Macguffin with us and a nice look at the new pavilion! I am sure excited to see what the new camp look like!

I am wondering if we might map out the camp?

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