Hatchet Jack Layin’ Down the Law

I’ve been thinking about how I need to run the cabin. What is acceptable behavior and what is not? I have a few ideas of course cuz I done this before. But I am curious just how others might be restricting, or allowing, behaviors of the campers.

I have thought about my mom, and how she raised me. Tall as the redwoods and all that. I have thought about the role if structure in my life and how I have been fighting rules and getting in a word of trouble as a result. What is an old man to do with a pack of rascal campers?

I started a list of some rules I have been thinking about. Pretty strict and strait forward. No jumping on the bunks and stuff like that. I am looking for ideas from other experienced campers and staff members. Reaching out for help is ol’ Hatchet Jack.

Here is where some of my early ideas are. Feel free to add some you think are useful. I best get some ground rules set up before them campers take over, right?

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