Hatchet Jack’s First Campfire and TDC

This evening I was able to sit around the fire and plan a bit with other counselors and the administrators. Usually I do not like administrators, but these two are cool. One is an angel and the other looks like an FBI guy. No matter, they are likable and seem friendly. Below is the angel addressing the group.

We spoke about some of the camp logistics and got acquainted with one another. It is going to be all roses and unicorns from here on out. They even noted that we can’t say, “&^% &^%$$@” (Jim Groom) ever. Not ever not once. And the FBI guy really really emphasized that point.

Today I did my first daily create for the summer. I sort of cheated and left a bit of the original in the background just for effect. Hatchet Jack uses Photoshop because he can. What he can’t do is draw for shit with his mouse. So here is my first TDC.

If you laugh, I’ll chop yer fricking hand off with my hatchet. Because I am Hatchet Jack.

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