Hatchet Jack Talks about the Web as a Bowl of Mush

Gardner Campbell

Flickr image by cogdogblog

Gardner Campbell has a nice beard. So does Hatchet Jack and that makes us compadres. Gardner Campbell also don’t like face lifts and ol” Hatchet Jack is not really into the boutique facial look and plastics either. So Jack likes Gardner.

But Jack thinks the internet is like a bowl of mush. Now it ain’t the mush whats important, its the dang bowl. Cuz during our lifetimes of travel, and lord knows Hatchet Jack has wandered, we come acrost many a campsite and many a companions. And some enemies too. Now all them folks have something to offer. Bullets or food or drink and for the better of those options you’ll be wanting a bowl to put that stuff in so you can eat it.

Ya can’t be lookin a gift horse in the mouth, and sometimes ya will want to organize the mush. That is if ya can’t stands the beef mixed up with the beans. And if you carefully place the stuff in yer bowl, and use yer fork, if ya got one, or yer knife to kinda move stuff around, you can divide it up so the stuff don’t get all mixed up. Now Hatchet Jack prefers it all mixed up, and heaps of it, so a bowl works just fine. No need for a plate or a platter or what have ya. Christ, Jack feels lucky to have a damn bowl at all cuz for many years he didn’t have one and eatin’ off yer pants or a plank of wood gets a bit messy.

So, having yer own bowl is important as you travel about. A good bowl that you can paint yer own colors and carve yer name in! A good sharp hatchet also helps cuz ya never know who might come try to take yer saddle or yer bowl. You’ll be wanting to chop their frickin hand off if they try that and a hatchet work great for that sort of thing. That is what Hatchet Jack thinks.

4 thoughts on “Hatchet Jack Talks about the Web as a Bowl of Mush

    • Well of course! Ya always offer yer worldly blessings to yer campfire pardners.

      Ever been around a fire when one stingy ol’ coger ain’t passing round the bottle? I have and they lost their fingers. Well, a few of them anyway. Hatchet Jack wasn’t my birth name ya know!

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