My Recollection of ol’ Colt Wyoming

I seen that varmin Colt Wyoming up in the Utes, Colorado way. That man was always full of whiskey and lead. He been shot so many times. Mostly by women now that I think on it.

You know, I seen this Talky Tina gal has some insights into books and what not. Well, I don’t read much, but I can tell you a bit about that fella Colt.

See Colt like the women. Lots of them. And what he liked even more than that was groups of them. And what that man liked even more than groups of wimmin, was groups of wimmin and men. Strangest part of the thing is that he usually just liked t watch the stuff what happened.

I ain’t saying what he was doin was wrong, I’m just telling ya like I seen it and heard it. There were times when Colt and twenty other wimmin and men was a going at it in the bar. I ain’t kiddin. Sometimes Colt would just be standing there watching, like he was going to write a book about the whole thing. I guess it turns out he did.

Now Bushnell Falls is important cuz that is where he got hisself into a bit of a rustle. See Colt never much settled on one gal. But there was this one lady who took a real shine to Colt and jus wouldn’t let up. Colt finally had had enough of her naggin and he took her out to the Falls. Colt was gonna drown her and be rid of her. The story goes that Colt got a little nervous after seein some riders up on the ridge above the falls. Before he could drown her, she delt him a kick to his privates. I guess he wasn’t the same after. I mean, you know, with wimmin and all. That set on a fella like him real hard.

So that is what I know about ol Colt Wyoming. I guess he was just watching so he could write a book someday.


3 thoughts on “My Recollection of ol’ Colt Wyoming

  1. My goodness! That you know of someone with the same name is certainly something, but your story suggests that it may very well be the one and the same man!! And he certainly does sound like quite a character!

    Your wonderful explanation certainly tells more of the story than I have ever heard. I just recall the bad press about the book when it was released — I bet the publishers were getting sued from a whole bunch of directions if the story was truly based on facts.

    Maybe the publishers had to release the book a few years on if they were STILL paying out the lawsuits.

    I wonder whatever happened to “Colt Wyoming,” or “Remington Montana,” or whatever his real name was?

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