Ro Sham Bo with Talky Tina

Hatchet Jack has been thinking about stuff a lot lately.

He has been hearn big words and stuff. Hatchet Jack has been hearn a whole lot about this an that. Hatchet Jack says he likes a simple life. Playin ol Ro ShamBo with a gal. So Hatchet Jack does.

2 thoughts on “Ro Sham Bo with Talky Tina

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  2. Mister Jack:

    I am so glad that you invited me up to your winter getaway for the weekend. As you know, I was quite chilled and shivered quite a lot, but I took strength from your ability to sit there without any shivering whatsoever. I guess you must be used to it.

    I think that you should keep working at the different movements for Ro Sham Bo. Keep trying, and you may one day be able to do paper, or even scissors. I am sorry I took advantage that way I did with all those “Spock vapourizes Rock” moves. It was funny at the time, but later I felt a little bit bad. But not enough to spoil my weekend.

    Your friend,


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