Hatchet Jack’s Early Years with White Top Tom

Hatchet Jack says that Hatchet Jack has discovered a couple items from Hatchet Jack’s youth. The photo was found under the leather insole of his boot last night when the sole itself had worn to the point it was ahurtin his foot. So talking off his boot, he sees this paper. Below is the photograph taken in 1976 when Jack was 15. Jack is seen here on the right with his fellow mountain man White Top Tom.


Hatchet Jack on the right and White Top Tom circa 1976

This photograph represents one of Jack’s initial forays into the wilderness. In this case Jack was headed into the Yosemite valley and Lake Merced for a few days. You can see by the fancy leather vest that Jack was keen on his gear. Also worth noting is Jack’s first bear knife as seen in the image below. You can see it strapped to Jack’s right leg in the image above. Jack never saw a bear, but if he did he was ready to kill to hairy beast.


Hatchet Jack’s knife what was never used to kill a bear.

Hatchet Jack says you best not be laughing at Hatchet Jack. He still has that rusty knife along with some memories. And he knows how to use them.

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