You Are Always Sunny to Me!

Hatchet Jack says that while he has had some difference with that gal Talky Tina, he also says that she is his only friend. And a friend is a friend Jack says.

And clearly that gal gots some issues. Being small is hard. Being frozed to death is harder still. So Hatchet Jack says he understands.

When she comes a walking up the hill to visit me and she casts her wiles upon me, I always says she is a ray of sunshine on this lonely mountain. A beautiful display of flowers. I don’t see her so dark, and I don’t see her as small. She is always sunny to me.


5 thoughts on “You Are Always Sunny to Me!

  1. Dear ‘olHatchetJack,

    This is such a nice gift that you have made for me. It reminds me of another film role that I tested for where I was to run free and sing in a mountain meadow, and again, I had the role stolen from me by some taller actress! Life is just so unfair sometimes!

    I am sorry I didn’t say anything to you for a few weeks. I was royally steamed that you kept saying I was a poor looser when we were playing Roshambo that time. I tried to explain to you that Spock always beats Rock and even put that sign right there for you to see (but I will admit that I took a little bit of pleasure from the fact that your hands were frozen and so that was the only play you could make which I why I kept playing Spock but you did call it down upon yourself because you chose the game — and I did try to warm up your hands with that hot chocolate from Tim Hortons and I did invite you back to the chalet).

    Anyway, I will dig around in my old Hope chest and see if I can find a photo from that other movie I was telling you about, the one with me in the meadow. If I find it, I will post it on my new self-hosted independent website, Come visit me there once your solar panel charges up that Casio web browser you are using.

    I hope that your mountain blooms with spring flowers soon, and that your long winter will soon come to an end.

    Your friend,


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  3. What the hell is going on here? This crap reminds me of that damn summer when that rascal @jimgroom damn near killed me. I mean really, a frozen man up in the woods and a 18 inch doll dancing with horses with poles tied on their noggins?

    Now seeing as how I am a dead man, and I am commenting on all this malarkey, I suppose one might wonder. But truth be told this has gotta stop. Up here, I mean in heaven and all, we are getting some good laughs, but people are getting their feelings hurt. That is not nice. Someone needs a twitterhug.

    Maybe its that little kid Talky Tina who needs a twitter hug? She does have some problems. I guess she is a big star, but geez. Looky here:

    Anyway kids, just checking in from the Big North and letting ya know that you are acting foolish.

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