Hatchet Jack Needs Some Help.

jeremiahjohnson004sk7The official lookin fellas that come up here on the mountain the other day says Hatchet Jack needs some “verification” as they said as to why he is here else they are gonna remove me. That got Hatchet Jack to start to wonder why the hell he IS here anyways? And it reminded Hatchet Jack of the couple weeks he spent in a school back east when he was just known as, “Jack.”

@IamTalkyTina mentioned something similar when she was up here last. She says, “Jack, you is are a cold hearted man,”
I says to her, “I know Tina, I am frozen. Solid.”

Tina says to me, “You know HJ, you gotta do something with yer life. You can’t just sit here. Ya need something like a badge, you know like a sheriff, or ya gotta get back to school and become something.”

I said, “Jeez Tina, I can’t even move, how am I gonna do that?”

Well, needless to say, she was speechless. Which is rare for Tina. She did say, “Hi, my name is Talky Tina. Do you want to be my friend?” But she says that a lot.

But Jack is asking fer some help. I need some documentation about Jack that I can share with them official looking fellas. Something that says Jack is worthwhile and knows what he is a doin. Anybody got some of that they wanna share?

2 thoughts on “Hatchet Jack Needs Some Help.

  1. Badge yerself frozen dude. Who can beter ascertain what your capabilities are then you yourself, the most authoritative authority on Hatchet Jack,

    Do what I ask my ds106 students to do at the end of term. Collect your best creations in a blog category, compose a reflection in what you have accomplished since your first frozen blog post, and add a video where you put that into words and meaning.

    Frick the badges.

  2. I haven’t seen those fellows you talk about, ol Hatchet Jack, but I hope they don’t come after me! Maybe they were like those luncheon meat aficionados that keep pestering me? I seem to get way more of them dropping by that someone else that I know who also writes and shares things for ds106. Apparently I have to get more kismet or something, but I think I already have a nice presence, and besides, if I had more of it I think I would likely get more of that type coming around here.

    But I will make you a badge. Because you are a True Friend.

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