Hatchet Jack Smashes Some Stuff

Well, ol’ Jack has been a bit slow of late. Slow in the head that is. Thick in the head as my pa would say to me. “Son, you got a thick head.”

I heard that a few times.

Every hour.

But you know, kids are resilient and I climbed outta that thick headed thinking about the time I got divorced. The third time, more or less.

So today I was very inspired by our #slaughterhourse4 bunkmate and Camper of the Week @chadsansing. He got to thinking to mash up the daily create and one of the #ds106 assignments. And being a natural blender of things, you know, with the hatchet and all, I figured I chop the heck outta them too. So I did.

I took my #tdc150 Daily Create and smashed it against the #ds106 assignment “an Album Cover.

Here is the original #tdc150 Daily Create


I then and did two of the three required steps in the Make an Album Cover assignment.

In Wikipedia I got this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ACCO A darn acronym.

For the Quotes page I got this: http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3 The lines are, “adequately explained by stupidity.”

So I made this.



Hatchet Jack Writes Some Words

All our Magic Macguffin campers are engaged in writing weekly letters back home to mom and pop or family they may have. Hatchet Jack, as you might imagine, has no family to write to. And Hatchet Jack really ain’t much of a wordsmith. He is more of a campfire tall tale kinda fellow. So Hatchet Jack is gong to talk like he is sitting around a campfire with some fellow campers on a warm evening by the shores of Lack Macguffin.

This week our campers started on some projects related to the animated Gif. The idea is to really focus in on a moment of time in a short sequence of images that a bit of motion makes stronger, or brings out the essence of the images message, or something like that. I made one with Randle McMurphy trying to lift an impossibly heavy water feature from a psychiatric hospital. He was straining and trying and tying so hard to get that damn thing out of the ground. His effort and determination was what I tried to capture.

This week we also had out bunkhouses assigned campers and we got to know them a little better. We came up with a bunkhouse name. Our bunkhouse 4 is called, “Slaughterhouse 4.” No relation to the word “Hatchet” in my name.

We also sent out a call for bunkhouse monikers or logos. I made one. It is below.

I tried to make it like a badge because at camp you might get badges. So we will be ready to sew on this badge if it should be the selected logo for our bunkhouse.

The administrators added a wonderful feature to our campsite. They added bunkhouse pages to we can see recent activity from just those in our bunkhouse.

This week Hatchet Jack saw as he was peering into the bright white of the internet saw two things. One being that it is commenting that holds the internet together. Some camper from another bunk mentioned that a Dr. Oblivion, who was once employed at this camp,  had apparently scrawled that into a tree years ago down by Lake Macguffin. The camper also noted that a Jim Groom has made similar comments, but slightly different language. He is known for saying, “Commenting is the adhesive that sucks the webs together.” Whatever. He appears to be a creepy guy.

In the white light Hatchet Jack also had a revelation similar to the one he had at Camp Counselor training day when the administrator @cogdog said, “There is no guilt in #ds106.”

The white blurted out to Hatchet Jack,

“There is no behind in #ds106, only forward.”

Jack thought that was a bright idea from the bright white light of thought.

So forward it is, and on we go campers!

Hatchet Jack Tries an Animated Gif

Ol Hatchet Jack here flexing my digital Gif muscles with a little of one of my very favorite scenes in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. The scene has Randle attempting to lift a massive water fixture from the floor and toss it out the window of the hospital so he might wander on outta there. The patients know he can’t do it. Maybe Randle knows that too but he sure as heck is gonna try. And we find some wisdom in his words,

But I tried, didn’t I? Goddamn it, at least I did that.

Maybe I have some name connection to Jack Nickolson here. We are both Jacks after all. But more than that I think this scene in the move had some fine acting, similar to his presence in A Few Good Men when he is on the witness stand. Pretty amazing stuff. The lines in the book resonate with me as I learn myself to push my envelope a bit and try things I may not think I can actually do. I learned about that riding mountain bikes with teenagers too. I had to go first. I had to try lest they make fun of me or try it first and get hurt…

Jack did this gif using Photoshop and five screen captures from YouTube. Not the easiest, but it works save the grainy look. I added some “tweening” between the frames to smooth it out just a bit. The clip itself jumped real quick from his head looking down a little and then looking up. It was pretty fast in this scene.

So campers, let’s go give it a try and see what we find today!

Hatchet Jack Gets an Idea!

Today is a big day! We have bunkhouse assignments and we are busy working on our bunkhouse name and gettin all situated! How exciting! I love this time of the year! I am like all unicorned out!

I even had an idea for an assignment. There I was, staring at Twitter in my browser and I noticed the “trending” words and hashtags. I was instantly teleposted (that was a spelling error but I really like the word so I am going to stick with it) back to one of the early assignments I had enjoyed at a camp in the past that asked us to make a poem of a playlist. So I figured I would make a song/poem out of the current trending topics in Twitter. 

So I did.

This is a #BattlefieldAmerica hello wake up!
I got a soul like #WhitePeopleLunches all bread and jam
and I only want more of #MoviesICanWatchAnyTime
Is this is just a momentary moment of Hard Knocks
like the #SignsOfAStrugglingStripper
who wins the Presidential Medal of Freedom?
Or is this a battle works like the Chrome OS and that is like a trip man,
Like a trip on LSD
where I meet Serena Williams
and I whisper I could Die In Your Arms

Not sure if it is a poem or a song or what? But it was fun and while I whittle away some moments here before lunch I thought I would share this. I’ll add it to the ds106 sit as soon as the powers that be get it rockin’ again….

I am very excited to have such a fine group of campers join in our adventures this summer! We are a luck bunch in the yet to be names Bunkhouse 4. My personal favorite possibility thus far is “The Hatchet Hotel” but that ain’t quite as happy as I suppose we should be? And it ain’t just my bunkhouse, it is all of ours.

Hatchet Jack Talks about the Web as a Bowl of Mush

Gardner Campbell

Flickr image by cogdogblog

Gardner Campbell has a nice beard. So does Hatchet Jack and that makes us compadres. Gardner Campbell also don’t like face lifts and ol” Hatchet Jack is not really into the boutique facial look and plastics either. So Jack likes Gardner.

But Jack thinks the internet is like a bowl of mush. Now it ain’t the mush whats important, its the dang bowl. Cuz during our lifetimes of travel, and lord knows Hatchet Jack has wandered, we come acrost many a campsite and many a companions. And some enemies too. Now all them folks have something to offer. Bullets or food or drink and for the better of those options you’ll be wanting a bowl to put that stuff in so you can eat it.

Ya can’t be lookin a gift horse in the mouth, and sometimes ya will want to organize the mush. That is if ya can’t stands the beef mixed up with the beans. And if you carefully place the stuff in yer bowl, and use yer fork, if ya got one, or yer knife to kinda move stuff around, you can divide it up so the stuff don’t get all mixed up. Now Hatchet Jack prefers it all mixed up, and heaps of it, so a bowl works just fine. No need for a plate or a platter or what have ya. Christ, Jack feels lucky to have a damn bowl at all cuz for many years he didn’t have one and eatin’ off yer pants or a plank of wood gets a bit messy.

So, having yer own bowl is important as you travel about. A good bowl that you can paint yer own colors and carve yer name in! A good sharp hatchet also helps cuz ya never know who might come try to take yer saddle or yer bowl. You’ll be wanting to chop their frickin hand off if they try that and a hatchet work great for that sort of thing. That is what Hatchet Jack thinks.

Crafts with Hatchet Jack

Here I have created a nice video about the fun craft of making painted sticks. I love crafts. But, the truth is I had not planned out the episode too well and forgot about the properties of tape and stuff.

Nonetheless, I am excited to share the first installment of “Crafts with Hatchet Jack.”

Hatchet Jack’s First Campfire and TDC

This evening I was able to sit around the fire and plan a bit with other counselors and the administrators. Usually I do not like administrators, but these two are cool. One is an angel and the other looks like an FBI guy. No matter, they are likable and seem friendly. Below is the angel addressing the group.

We spoke about some of the camp logistics and got acquainted with one another. It is going to be all roses and unicorns from here on out. They even noted that we can’t say, “&^% &^%$$@” (Jim Groom) ever. Not ever not once. And the FBI guy really really emphasized that point.

Today I did my first daily create for the summer. I sort of cheated and left a bit of the original in the background just for effect. Hatchet Jack uses Photoshop because he can. What he can’t do is draw for shit with his mouse. So here is my first TDC.

If you laugh, I’ll chop yer fricking hand off with my hatchet. Because I am Hatchet Jack.