Hatchet Jack Gets an Idea!

Today is a big day! We have bunkhouse assignments and we are busy working on our bunkhouse name and gettin all situated! How exciting! I love this time of the year! I am like all unicorned out!

I even had an idea for an assignment. There I was, staring at Twitter in my browser and I noticed the “trending” words and hashtags. I was instantly teleposted (that was a spelling error but I really like the word so I am going to stick with it) back to one of the early assignments I had enjoyed at a camp in the past that asked us to make a poem of a playlist. So I figured I would make a song/poem out of the current trending topics in Twitter. 

So I did.

This is a #BattlefieldAmerica hello wake up!
I got a soul like #WhitePeopleLunches all bread and jam
and I only want more of #MoviesICanWatchAnyTime
Is this is just a momentary moment of Hard Knocks
like the #SignsOfAStrugglingStripper
who wins the Presidential Medal of Freedom?
Or is this a battle works like the Chrome OS and that is like a trip man,
Like a trip on LSD
where I meet Serena Williams
and I whisper I could Die In Your Arms

Not sure if it is a poem or a song or what? But it was fun and while I whittle away some moments here before lunch I thought I would share this. I’ll add it to the ds106 sit as soon as the powers that be get it rockin’ again….

I am very excited to have such a fine group of campers join in our adventures this summer! We are a luck bunch in the yet to be names Bunkhouse 4. My personal favorite possibility thus far is “The Hatchet Hotel” but that ain’t quite as happy as I suppose we should be? And it ain’t just my bunkhouse, it is all of ours.

Crafts with Hatchet Jack

Here I have created a nice video about the fun craft of making painted sticks. I love crafts. But, the truth is I had not planned out the episode too well and forgot about the properties of tape and stuff.

Nonetheless, I am excited to share the first installment of “Crafts with Hatchet Jack.”

Hatchet Jack’s First Campfire and TDC

This evening I was able to sit around the fire and plan a bit with other counselors and the administrators. Usually I do not like administrators, but these two are cool. One is an angel and the other looks like an FBI guy. No matter, they are likable and seem friendly. Below is the angel addressing the group.

We spoke about some of the camp logistics and got acquainted with one another. It is going to be all roses and unicorns from here on out. They even noted that we can’t say, “&^% &^%$$@” (Jim Groom) ever. Not ever not once. And the FBI guy really really emphasized that point.

Today I did my first daily create for the summer. I sort of cheated and left a bit of the original in the background just for effect. Hatchet Jack uses Photoshop because he can. What he can’t do is draw for shit with his mouse. So here is my first TDC.

If you laugh, I’ll chop yer fricking hand off with my hatchet. Because I am Hatchet Jack.

By the Banks of Lake Macguffin

Ol’ Hatchet Jack is busy getting ready for the campers. This morning I went out to Lake Macguffin to see if I might find a spot for a tent or secret cabin for them little campers. I know they are building some fancy new camper cabins, but we are going to need secret hideaways and forts!

There seemed to be an inordinate amount of trash around the lake. Perhaps when it was drained some varmits brought stuff what was at the bottom, back to the shores? Anyway, I know it was a camp before these new folks purchased it.

Here is some video I shot lake side this morning.

I also added my two cents, or a hatchet in this case, to our pack bag that one of the camp directors shared with us. You should add your ideas too! Camp Director Alan shared some nice views of  Lake Macguffin with us and a nice look at the new pavilion! I am sure excited to see what the new camp look like!

I am wondering if we might map out the camp?